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Project Soar

Back in November, I attended a training for a program called Project Soar (PS). This is a girls empowerment program and I was really excited to attend. I had my counterpart with me who is the mudira (director) of the … Continue reading

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Moroccan Packing Tips

As the new staj is preparing to join us in Morocco, I thought a post on things I was glad I brought, wish I’d brought and should have left at home would be timely. Glad I Brought *Microfiber towel – … Continue reading

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Travel Tuesday: Vanuatu

I’ve seen the tag #TravelTuesday on Instagram where people post current or past photos of travels they’ve done.  I always enjoy looking at people’s pictures, especially those related to travel. I thought I’d do a series of Travel Tuesday posts … Continue reading

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Topsy Turvy

Since February my life has been a little upside down. *I moved out of the apartment I had lived in for 18 years and out of the community I had been in for almost 25 years. *After living alone for … Continue reading

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The Struggle is Real

This past year I’ve been struggling to lose the pounds I gained during grad school (I’m sure age isn’t helping!). But now that I’m preparing to leave the country in 5+ months I’m torn between wanting to get the weight … Continue reading

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Year of Highs and Lows

2015 was a year of epic highs and lows both professionally and personally. Here are a few highlights: My Car: I had some major issues with my with my car and I’m pretty sure I’ve replaced just about every inch … Continue reading

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Life is about changes

The Friday before Thanksgiving I received a call from the Peace Corps letting me know that the sector I was to work with the Kyrgyz Republic was being pulled for re-evaluation. For a frightful moment my heart stopped as I … Continue reading

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Expectations and Fears

So what is an NGO Advisor with the Peace Corps? First off, an NGO is a non-governmental organization. Volunteers focus on increasing NGO capacity and sustainability; creating strategic and funding plans; raising public awareness; and conducting community outreach. They are … Continue reading

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Life’s Journey

So what do you do when you’ve raised a child, had a successful career and are ready for a new challenge? Join the Peace Corps!  I have had a long time desire to live and work internationally. In many ways … Continue reading

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