My Bucket List

Learn to wield a sword                                                   Learn another language (Not fluent but can get by with Moroccan Arabic)

Live in another country (DONE!)                                Go to SEC tourney game

Become yoga certified                                            

Run a 10K                                                                            Earn my Masters

Breakfast with the Works at Keeneland                  Learn choreography from Dirty Dancing

Learn to sing                                                                    Do all ziplines in Kentucky

Ride an elephant                                                             Do Horse Farm and Bourbon Trail tours

Watch classic movies I haven’t seen                        Go on Old Kentucky Dinner Train

Sleep in a castle                                                                Get a massage on a beach

Ride a camel                                                              

Ride a camel on beach/desert                                       Volunteer in shelter on a holiday

Put a lock on Love Lock Bridge in Paris (no longer an option)

See Stonehenge                                                                 Be at Stonehenge on summer solstice

See Eiffel Tower                                                                 See Arc de Triomphe in Barcelona

See the Rockettes                                                             Bring in new year in another country

Visit DMZ area in South Korea                                     Become TEFL/CELTA certified

Touch all different bodies of water in world            Red Cross Training for Disasters

Visit all continents (6 down!)                                     Be debt free and financially secure

Increase yoga practice                                                     Start meditating

Develop Random Acts of Kindness for 50th birthday year

Take niece, nephews and goddaughter each on a trip

Experience New Years in New York                           Go to Cherry Blossom Festival

Cooking class in Italy                                                     Cooking class in Morocco

Take a Mediterranean Cruise                                        Take an Alaskan Cruise

Ride train across Canada                                                See Terra Cotta warriors in China

Take train from Chicago to New Orleans                  Steamboat Cruise

Go to Australia                                                                  Attend Mardi Gras and/or Carnival

See pyramids in Egypt                                                     Visit Machu Picchu

Run with the bulls in Pamplona                                   Visit Tunisia

Northern Lights in Finland                                            African safari / See Victoria Falls

Go to Belize                                                                          Go to Costa Rica

Go to Bali                                                                              Go to Thailand

See Leaning Tower of Pisa / Trevi Fountain              Go to Greece

Visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia                                       Go to Easter Island

Go to Petra                                                                            Go to Turkey

Go to Prague                                                                         Go to Budapest

Wonder the streets of Croatia                                        Visit the Taj Mahal

Visit Highclere Castle                                                       Go to Russia

Visit friend in Peace Corps Vanuatu                             Participate in Tomatina Festival in Spain

See the Wailing Wall in Israel                                         Visit Cuba

All things Morocco

*A strikethrough indicates accomplishments

**There are many many places in the world that I want to see. This list is just a beginning, is very fluid and indicates those at the top of the list