Peace Corps Timeline

The timeline is different for everyone. Here is mine.


July 12:  Application & Medical History Completed

July 13:  Soft Skills Questionnaire and Assignment Selection Form Completed (was given 17 countries to choose from; I marked ‘Anywhere I’m Needed)

July 27:  Received email that I was Under Consideration for Kyrgyz Republic

Sept 15:  Skype interview

Sept 22:  received/accepted invite to serve in KR (leave Apr 1); began medical clearance process (completed by 11/23)

Sept 25: completed online learning space courses & applicant portal

Oct 7: dropped off passport/visa application at PC office while I was in DC

Oct 21: Legal kit received by PC office

Nov 21:  Received call saying sector I was to work with in KR is being re-evaluated; given 3 locations to choose from

Nov 23:  chose Morocco; Received/accepted invite (leaving Sept 13)

Dec 16: updated Applicant Portal


Mar 1:  received new medical tasks

Mar 2:  notified leave date changed to Sept 19

Mar 3: connected with in country mentor!

Mar 15:  received polio booster, HepB #2 and MMR (never had mumps vaccine!)

May 11: 6 month followup doctor’s appointment

May 25: Uploaded doctor report to MAP

June 3: HepB #3

June 10:  Medically Cleared!