PC Lingo

To help you keep up with what I’m talking about! Basic Peace Corps terminology/abbreviations as well as some specific to Morocco. I’ll add to this throughout my service

CBT: Community Based Training; ie: what we will go through the first couple of months for language and culture

Counterpart: The host country national who I’ll work with in site

Country Director: The person in charge of PC in the country

Dar Chebab: ‘House of Youth’ in Darija – it is a youth center where I’ll likely be working

Mudir: ‘Director’ in Darija and is the the director of the Dar Chebab, essentially my boss.

PC/Peace Corps: The US government agency that provides trained Americans to requesting countries to help in cultural exchange and technical skill building

PCT/Peace Corps Trainee: A volunteer still in training who has not sworn in as an official volunteer

PCV/Peace Corps Volunteer: A volunteer who has officially been sworn in to PC

Site: Where I will live and work

Staging: Pre-orientation that takes place in the US just before heading out to country

Staj: The group of PCVs I’ll be coming to Morocco with.  We are Staj 98 – the 98th group to serve in country.

Swearing In: The graduation ceremony at the end of training that takes me from trainee to official volunteer

YAB/Youth Asset Builder: What I’ll be doing

YD/Youth Development: One of PC’s six work sectors (agriculture, education, environment, community economic development and health). PC Morocco has only the YD sector.