Transportation in Morocco

There are many forms of transportation in Morocco. Here are a few of the most common:

2017-04-23 10.15.29.jpg

Feet.  Walking is the main form of transportation all over the country.

2017-01-20 11.34.16.jpg

Grand taxi — the only way I can leave my site. They primarily go between cities and are designed to hold 6 passengers but  in my area we can fit 9 people in one.

2017-04-22 18.40.16.jpg

Petite taxi – they are different colors in different cities; hold 3 passengers only; and provide transport within cities.

2017-04-06 14.46.30

CTM (and Supr@Tours) provides excellent long distance travel (think 4-6 hours)

2017-02-13 17.35.16

N9l (kinda pronounced ‘knuckle) – mass transit option that takes the place of a grand taxi

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 12.25.59 PM

Train – for major long distance travel (like south to north)

Other transportation options include bicycle (many kids ride these to/from school), motorcycles/motorscooter, triporter (like a motorcycle with a truck bed to carry people or items) and the rare personal vehicle.

Getting around in Morocco is always an experience and a topic of conversation when PCVs get together.


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Wanderlust. Adventurer. Mom. Mentor. Change Agent. Crazy. Servant Leader. Citizen of the World These are all words that describe me - or have been used to describe me. There are many more but we won't get in to those. What is important to know is that at the age of 45, after having a successful career and raising a son, I decided I needed a new challenge and adventure in my life. So I joined the Peace Corps. Portions of this blog were written before this time and chronicle my life during graduate school (again, something I did in my 40s). During my service in Morocco (September 2016 - December 2018) I chronicled my daily life and all it entailed to live as an American female in another country. this is a place for me to capture random thoughts and share my life's journey
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