Staging & Questions

I’ve been in Philadelphia since Sunday for our Staging event – which is basically orientation for the Peace Corps. It’s been really awesome meeting so many people in person that I’d been Facebook stalking the last several months.

Outside of getting to know one another better, there appears to be three big questions everyone is asking one another.

*What are you most excited about?  For me it’s the food, immersing myself in a new culture and wearing a djellaba.

*What are you most nervous about?  Learning Darija and being able to effectively communicate in another language in order to be a successful volunteer.

*What are you least excited about? Hands down it’s the squat toilet. I’ve been practicing squats and lunges for a couple of months but I really don’t think there’s any way to properly be prepared for having to squat EVERY TIME I go to the bathroom.

Overall, I am beyond excited to board the jet plane to Morocco today and begin my new adventure full of challenges, hardships, learning and fun. Thanks for joining me on the journey!

If you have other questions about my service, check out my Questions page!

About alicrain

Wanderlust. Adventurer. Mom. Mentor. Change Agent. Crazy. Servant Leader. Citizen of the World These are all words that describe me - or have been used to describe me. There are many more but we won't get in to those. What is important to know is that at the age of 45, after having a successful career and raising a son, I decided I needed a new challenge and adventure in my life. So I joined the Peace Corps. Portions of this blog were written before this time and chronicle my life during graduate school (again, something I did in my 40s). During my service in Morocco (September 2016 - December 2018) I chronicled my daily life and all it entailed to live as an American female in another country. this is a place for me to capture random thoughts and share my life's journey
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