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Ain Cheggag

Tomorrow (Thursday) our CBT group (Community Based Training) moves to Ain Cheggag for three months of language and cultural training. From our hotel we will take a bus for about 4 hours and then a taxi for another hour or … Continue reading

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Smiti Ali

Today we started our language training. Ideally I should be able to hold a basic conversation in Darija (Hello, How are you? I’m fine and you? What is your name? My name is) but the second my notes are away … Continue reading

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Staging & Questions

I’ve been in Philadelphia since Sunday for our Staging event – which is basically orientation for the Peace Corps. It’s been really awesome meeting so many people in person that I’d been Facebook stalking the last several months. Outside of … Continue reading

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On Packing

So I had planned to do this awesome post on how easy packing was and share my packing list. Yeah well that’s not going to happen. I packed, unpacked, thinned out, cried, repacking and rearranged so many times I’m not … Continue reading

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Friday Fun Facts

Morocco is larger than it appears.   (source: One thing to note, though, is that the Western Sahara (starting about the bottom of Kansas and roughly the size of Colorado) is a disputed area*.  Due to the sensitive nature of this … Continue reading

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